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challenge the status quo

Challenge the stetus quo : they will laugh at you yes , they make harsh examples about your failure , today let challenge them head on listen : you’re a bull for you got bolls to stand the crowd and try change that failure to success course you’ve gain experience knowledge on how to master it not next time but next project. Let your thought not be abuse by the noise made by the dwellers of the world who don’t even know where they going .

I was told I can never be anything the only place that measures my ability is working in the farms where I can excel and never be recognised.

I was told I’m not clever enough to meet the requirements of living a good life.

I was told I’m not good enough to be an inspiration.

Listen what I did after I’ve collected all their critics , I used them as my drive to be successful.

They admire me for that and I don’t hate them for that infact I thank them they gave me a reason to be successful .

Do what you fear and fear will disappear that my everyday motto.